Connor compares the U.S. to Vietnam

I have been in Vietnam for about a week, more or less, and I have found these things to be the most difficult to deal with.

  1. My lack of knowledge of the Vietnamese language. It is very difficult to go day in and day out trying to express what I want sometimes, I had this sort of issue with the grandma in China. I spoke some Chinese at that point, but it wasn’t enough to understand her. The grandma that I live with here is amazing, but she also speaks no English, so it is very difficult to communicate with her, but she is very helpful and we eventually figure out what the other means through paper or hand signals.
  2. The pollution. It is horrendous here, just breathing normally it is more difficult than at home. I expected the issue, but it still a difficult adjustment.
  3. The weather. It is not freezing.  It stays around 50 degrees, but its humid and it has drizzled rain on every day except for the first two. It tricked me, and I do not appreciate it!

I went and saw a movie yesterday with Emily, Nhung (her host sister), and Nhung’s friend Du. We watched Gambit (hilarious!), it was all in English with Vietnamese subtitles. A few differences between American theaters and Vietnamese:

  1. Your wallet doesn’t feel 5lbs lighter. It costs much less, the ticket was $3 and 2 popcorns and 4 sodas were a little less than $8.
  2. Assigned seating…that was really weird to me, apparently the good seats (I don’t know how they judge) cost more than the others, but I’m not sure how much…
  3. The size, this was a “big” theater to them, where as I saw it as somewhat small.

A type of fish called Chak Ra (I think), a delicacy to Hanoi. It was amazing. It had leeks and rice noodles, mixed with different vegetables along with fish sauce (brothy looking red sauce) and/or shrimp sauce (the gray sauce).


Being shown around Hanoi by CSU faculty member.

Connor is a junior studying international studies and business administration at CSU.  He is attending Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam for the spring 2013 term.